Jeffrey Chand
official competitor in the 2006 Racing the Planet event in the Sahara desert, Egypt

Thank you all for your support!!


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Pics and Fun Stuff

Sahara Race Pics

(click on the picture to enlarge)

Pictures from the Racing the Planet Site.  Mine will follow shortly!

dune no people.jpg (6337 bytes)Actual dune that we crossed.  Looks smaller than I remember!

blue sky and dune.jpg (24518 bytes) Typical day the desert

start line.jpg (45083 bytes) 3, 2, 1, Go!!!!

icebergs by jeeps.jpg (23184 bytes) The beloved checkpoints!

john hong!.jpg (25900 bytes) Some triumphed! (tent mate John Hong from Washington DC)

sand fall.jpg (10504 bytes) Some tripped!

planet.jpg (32750 bytes) Some other world!

oasis in distance.jpg (5617 bytes) Real desert oasis, that took forever to get to!

mummy on hillside.jpg (50622 bytes) Canadian after a hard run through the desert! (Actually a real well preserved 700 year old mummy!)

hurt and being sprayed.jpg (105995 bytes) The popular "A desert marathon that sounds cool!" fetal position!

campsite flats.jpg (71686 bytes) Camp 

camels drinking at the oasis.jpg (95879 bytes) Camels stocking up at the oasis

head in oasis.jpg (92759 bytes) Shh, don't tell him about the camels!

cool water shot.jpg (60950 bytes) You guys really don't know where that water has been!  Cool shot though!

blue sky rock.jpg (24944 bytes) First day rock formations

jeep downhill.jpg (15635 bytes) Even the jeeps had troubles!

mash patrol.jpg (31570 bytes) Local support crew

volunteers together.jpg (50542 bytes) Amazing volunteers!

more to come.....



August 12 Wedding        Taking in the Beach        Sunset on the Beach

wedding.jpg (303573 bytes)            chairs in tofino.jpg (37506 bytes)              sunset extraordinaire small.jpg (26274 bytes)


Globe and Mail September 13, 2006


Saanich News September 13, 2006


Interesting Skin Care Product  in Thailand!

skin whittener.jpg (57532 bytes)


Jeff and Richard on the "King Swing" video!

-in celebration of getting married to Kristina this summer, my friend Richard and I went on the King Swing and thought we were going to perish as we wildly swung at 140km/hr off a bridge!  My brother Chris is filming, and you can hear the voices of Mark, and Marc telling the operator to dunk us in!

king swing.jpg (23551 bytes)