Jeffrey Chand
official competitor in the 2006 Racing the Planet event in the Sahara desert, Egypt

Thank you all for your support!!


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How Can I help?

    To help him succeed in this task and to help raise funds for MSF you can help by sponsoring Jeff.  A portion of every donation will go towards Doctors without Borders and the remainder will help ease the financial strain of this Racing the Planet Event.

Why Should I help?

    Jeffrey loves adventure, experiencing the new, and getting everyone around him just as excited as he is!  You can be a part of this dynamic energy by supporting this venture.  With so much negativity and hardships nowadays this race symbolizes something good, optimistic, and uplifting!


How much should I sponsor?

    Every little bit helps!  Even if you can sponsor $20 Jeffrey will send a tax receipt for your contribution.  Of course sponsorships of $100 or more are also widely welcomed!!


What about Corporate Sponsorship?

Jeffrey is offering to wear the logo of a business who wishes to sponsor him throughout the duration of the event which will gain international exposure  He will also make honorable mentions during interviews and public performances after the race. 


Sounds great, now what?

You can email Jeffrey at and arrangements can be made.